[OUR LEADERS] Victor Liu, General Manager, FreakOut Taiwan

OUR LEADERS – FreakOut celebrated its 10th anniversary on October 1, 2020, and at the same time, implemented new medium-term management plan for next 3 years.
At this beginning stage, on our blog “Insight at FreakOut”, we interviewed the leaders of FreakOut global team about their reviews on work, career path, direction and goals for 2021.

FreakOut Taiwan is one of the biggest teams in our global business, having 24 members under 2 teams. The team is young and vibrant, however some members have not much experience in the digital marketing industry before joining FreakOut. 

Even so, why can they keep great achievements every quarter..? We asked Victor, general manager of FreakOut Taiwan, about the secret.


How is your year 2020?

This has been a challenging year. Due to the epidemic’s impact, we have changed many ways of working and rethought more new possibilities. I want to quote a movie line: The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I believe the dawn is coming.

In 2020, you marked your 4th work anniversary at FreakOut. Firstly, can you tell us your career summary before joining FreakOut?

During the past 6-7 years, before I joined FreakOut, I worked in sales in Taiwan’s digital industry, and before that, I was a writer of romance.

Why did you choose FreakOut?

If a company named FreakOut invites you to join, I can’t find a reason to refuse.  At the time, I had other job options. However, in an interview with my supervisor Ken, I felt his enthusiasm for this cause. It also a challenging road to build a career from scratch. I like to accept challenges, this is why I joined FreakOut.

What challenges have you taken in your 4 years at FreakOut?

The sales target is higher year by year (laugh). Like all people in the digital industry, the industry is too competitive, and the world’s behemoths monopolize the market. It is difficult for other companies to change the market.

In that challenge, what have been the most difficult part and the most rewarding part?

The most challenging part is how to lead a group of inexperienced young people to give us a foothold in the market. The most gratifying thing is that we did it, even though the space is still small.

As long as we know, you have trained really a lot of non-experienced team members and built the team. Could you tell us your magic?

Learn from our leaders, pass on the experience to our team, and complete all team members’ challenges together. More importantly, give the team members full autonomy, and the rest is to trust them.

By the way, what is your motto for the job?

Achieve the goal, no matter what.

Why has this sentence become your belief in work? 

In fact, what I want to express is to find a way if there is no other way in front of you, try to do something with all your strength. Giving up and running away are always the easiest options, do you want to try a different choice to make a different result?  After you do it, you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

Are there any challenges you want to take on as you head into 2021?

The advent of the post-epidemic era will inevitably bring about new adjustments in the digital advertising industry. At the same time, we need to be prepared to respond to the upcoming changes and improve our ability to transform from a media service to a solution provider.

What do you expect from teammates for 2021?

Achieve the goal, no matter what.